What Exactly is BTE Hearing? – BTE (Behind the Ear) Hearing Aids

BTE hearing stands for behind the ear hearing aids that many people will need to use. Of these different products options that you have there are other choices besides BTE. You have ones that can be placed in the ear, or in the canal of the ear, and even one’s that are completely in the canal.

Choosing the right option for you is very important. See some people feel that others knowing about their hearing problems are something they don’t want. Those are the people who will normally avoid the BTE option when it comes to a hearing aid.

But these aids are a lot less expensive than the other choices that are on the market. The design is simple and they are not as big as they once use to be. The outer shell is built to last and will have a tube that will be connected into the ear. Plus you have the ear mold that is the part that will help hold the aid to the ear.

That tube that will run from the hearing aid into the ear is thinner than it used to be, and is normally harder to see by most people. Again of the choices for a product this will be the cheapest to buy. That makes it the most common hearing aid that is used in the world now.

The BTEs are made to last and are dependable. Plus it’s a great idea for a child who may need a hearing aid. The mold can easily be fixed for a growing ear, where the other options are a bit harder to fix.

Plus these are made to amplify better than those other options as well. Since the housing is larger they can hold more advanced technology. So get over the fact of other people knowing you can’t hear well. Use the best choice for reliability and hearing out there with the BTE hearing aid.

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Behind the Ear Hearing Aids (BTEs) May Suit Your Needs

Looking around today, one of the most popular styles of hearing aid devices is the BTE or behind the ear hearing aids. This can possibly be attributed to the fact that these models look very similar to Bluetooth phone devices. The increasing appearance and use of this device has made it somewhat of a normal appearance so external ear devices draw very little from the general population.

This fact has permitted people to use externally fitted hearing aids without bringing attention to the fact that they have a problem with their hearing. This style of hearing aid is small, unobtrusive and can be utilized by both children and adults without the feeling of self consciousness previously experienced by external prosthesis.

Look at the Advantages

On looking closer, you will find many benefits to be gained from the use of this style of hearing improvement. There are several features that have lead to the popularity of this system worldwide. Unlike inner ear products, they are not restricted to the small size that is demanded by products that will be placed inside the ear canal.

This allows the use of slightly larger components that provide extended ranges and improved quality of the amplified sound vibrations. You will also find that behind the ear hearing aids are available in a wide variety of styles and features. The programmable behind the ear hearing aids usually have self adjusting volume and sound filtering devices that further contribute to excellent sound reproduction. The best BTEs are designed in consultation with audiologists who ensure that comfort is not compromised to accommodate functionality.

Making the Right Decision?

How do you know if behind the ear hearing aids are right for you? There are a couple of things to look at that may help in your decision to improve your hearing with behind the ear hearing aids. There is a multitude of forums on the internet today. Join in to a few of these forums and ask a few questions. People are always eager to participate and provide advice at forums. You will likely receive a quick response to nearly any question that you may pose about behind the ear hearing aids.

Many manufacturers are available that will offer money back guarantees. Seek out a professional hearing consultant and inquire about that option and availability. The request will not be unusual. Most persons are unsure about their needs when seeking hearing assistance.

Spend some time researching a variety products being currently offered. Promotional information is available everywhere on the internet and in printed material. There is plenty of information available for free in all the media options we have at our disposal today. It is relatively easy to become fully educated in just about and subject today simply by surfing the internet a bit.

Currently, typical pricing queries indicate externally fitted behind the ear hearing aids tend to be a bit more expensive inside the ear canal applications. If cost is going to be a primary consideration for you then of course the style or physical application will be important. Compare suppliers locally and determine whether behind the ear hearing aids fit your budget.

Taking the time to see a professional hearing consultant will always prove beneficial. They can assess your hearing loss and help in your decision regarding the style that best fits your budget while still satisfying your hearing needs.

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New Generation of Behind The Ear Hearing Aids

Hearing loss is a common condition that affects adults and children. 1 in 3 people over the age of 60 have hearing loss. However, a growing number of young people (in their 30s and 40s) are suffering from hearing loss caused by excessive noise such as loud music, motorcycle engines and loud nightclubs. Yet, many people refuse to wear a hearing aid because it makes them look old.

In view of the stigma associated with hearing aids, manufacturers redesigned their products – targeted at the baby boomers – to look more hip and cool. New behind the ear hearing aids now come in various shapes and attractive colors. They are now smaller and hardly noticeable. When you do see them they often just look like an ordinary cell phone or Bluetooth ear piece.

Along with the newer sleek designs and colors of behind the ear hearing aids comes a new wave of technology. This advanced technology provides state of the art features, making behind the ear hearing aid a must have gadget that the baby boomers don’t mind wearing.

Phonak and Oticon are two of the leading manufacturers who have revamped their behind the ear hearing aids to appeal to the baby boomer generation and first time users. Phonak’s new Audeo Personal Communication Assistant (PCA) is a sleek new behind the ear hearing aid that comes in 15 attractive color choices. The state of the art features include Crystalsound, which is extended high-frequency amplification, and Digital SurroundZoom the best directional microphone system. The unique shape and award winning design gives behind the ear hearing aid a fresh look.

The Oticon Delta is designed for those who want high-tech features in a sleek, modern behind the ear hearing aid. The Delta uses Artificial Design (AI) which functions much like the human brain by automatically making thousands of minute adjustments to keep the sound perfect. It uses directional microphones to help reduce unwanted noise. It comes in a wide array of colors making it not only a great hearing aid device but also a cool one. The new Delta triangular shaped hearing aid was named one of the best inventions in personal electrics at the 2007 Consumer Electronic Show.

Behind the ear hearing aids require little fitting adjustment. So you can buy one “off the shelf” and then make the necessary amplification adjustments. There are numerous adjustments that can be made via easy connection to a computer by your hearing care professional.

The new behind the ear hearing aids are making a strong comeback in a market that is catering more and more to younger people with hearing loss. The state-of-the-art features, unique designs and colors certainly make behind the ear hearing aid a popular choice not only among the baby boomers, but also the older people. The new open fit hearing aids are certainly discovering a new place in the market.

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